nfs mount options in kubernetes and openshift

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Customer of openshift/kubernetes which uses NFS as there persistent volume type want sometimes to change the mount options. Deutsche Version

In the RedHat knowledgable base is a entry which describes „How to specify client version of NFS for persistent volume“ but in the file /etc/nfsmount.conf you can set a lot more options.

Which options are available is described here or just look into the /etc/nfsmount.conf.

You must use the same /etc/nfsmount.conf on all nodes which must mount the NFS storage.

The easiest way to do this is via ansible.

One possible way is to use the copy module from ansible after the /etc/nfsmount.conf is setuped on the master.

$ ansible -m copy -a 'src=/etc/nfsmount.conf dest=/etc/nfsmount.conf backup=yes' \

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