The benefit of fastcgi_cache

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Dear Reader. The pictures below shows how a simple line influence the whole System.

fastcgi_ignore_headers Set-Cookie;

The site delivers at the highest traffic time around 1000 requests per second .

As you can see in the pictures the nginx fastcgi_cache was activated in the night from 5th to 6st January.

Only the admin area uses Cookies, due to this fact we can deactivate the Cookies on the public site. We use nginx+ which brings us the benefit to have the status page. On this page we have seen that how much the cache have reduced the traffic to the backend.


Finally to get the right Caching setting is a complex topic which mostly can’t be solved in passing the door.

You can find some solutions on the nginx site in the category caching.

You can also hire me to create a caching solution for your site.



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